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Aroma fragrance. Heal the body and regain energy Aroma Gumonji extra (EX)

A refreshing aroma fragrance and body touch in the damp rainy season

Price 4,800 yen (Tax included)
Capacity: 50ml
Size of the container: height : 10 cm diameter : 3.6cmΦ
Developer: Dr Toshihiko Yayama

◇ activate the “Qi” energy
◇ surround by a scent of healing... Recommend for relaxation time
◇ an aroma scented oil that is easy to use regardless of gender
◇ a perfect gift!

Prix:5,800 JPY to USD to EUR Quantite:

Evolved from meadowfoam oil which is refined from the underlying of jojoba oil.
Aromatherapy can be applied to the skin.

Liquid oil derived from plant seeds of hardiness grass from the Northern plants in California, Southern Oregon, Vancouver Island and British Columbia

Pale yellow, transparent and rich luxury essential oil with a refreshing touch
Contained unsaturated fatty acids such as EPA and DHA.

Unsaturated fatty acids are said to contribute to the carcinogenic mechanism which the DNA is cleaved by the active oxygen.

One of the characteristics of this aroma is it can be used for the skincare with a few drops of “Shinnou cream”

It can be used alone, or by forming a film on the skin for moisture retention.

Also it can be used regardless of gender. Especially it is popular among our male customer. It can be used for relaxation or concentration.

Try it in various ways like at the head for chakra mediation, at the back of the ear for relaxation in the temple, or at the back of the neck (hairline) for concentration.

Recommended massage

◆Head massage
Relieve stiff scalp due to stress
Soften the scalp and improve the ease of head movement

◆Back massage
Relax the body while improving the function of the internal organs.
Find a partner to work with you on various posts, or have self-massage by tapping from the bottom of the spine.

◆Hand massage
Our hands move by the reflection of the cranial nerves and it is often said to be the first aging part in the body. Our brain can be activated by massaging. Our lung is linked with the cardiopulmonary function. Massage can help to encourage blood circulation and relieve stiffness.

◆Foot massage
By stimulating the internal organs and releasing the lymph, this will help to relieve stiffness and provide energy to the whole body.

Way of preservation
Keep out from high temperature and direct sunlight, and keep out of reach from children