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(Multifunctional cream for sensitive skin, e.g. stiff neck or burn) Shinnou herbs cream II (50g)

Good for sensitive skin! Specially recommended for irritated skin.
Price 5,250 yen (tax included)

Capacity: 50g

Size of the container: height/ 4.5cm 7cmφ

Origin: Japan Developer: Dr. Yayama

◇ with skincare problems
◇ feeling tired and stiff
◇ suffering from dry skin
◇ looking for a cream that can be used for the whole family

Prix:5,400 JPY to USD to EUR Quantite:

◇ Shinnou Herb cream II is well blended by the herbal extracts used for the Chinese medicine and aromatherapy.

Mr. Yayama evolved the “Shinnou cream” from a cream of medical-use to one for general-use.

The refreshing smell and plant extracts provide good care to the mind and body.

It is good for improving blood circulation and solving skincare problems such as bacterial or fungal infection.

It heals dry and fatigue skin. It is best to use for massaging as a treatment cream.

◇ Chinese medicine and herbal medicine both provide energy. If they are mixed well they will provide energy to the body and skin. This energy harmoniously forms the “Qi” just as the perfect coordination in an orchestra. The components of this cream are derived from the nature as far as possible which is safe and can be used regardless of gender and age.

◇ No artificial coloring.
◇ Natural fragrance derived from essential oils.

1. Apply a generous amount of cream with your fingers, rub in gently on the body until all traces disappear into the skin.

2. The cream can be applied on different parts of the skin including face, hands, feet, knees, neck and waist, etc.

3. The cream can be applied as often as needed.
4. The container is made of recyclable materials, with the stability of quality being taken into account. Please pay attention in handling it.

■ Use of preservatives is minimized. Please note that changes in quality may occur with poor hygiene.

■ Use the attached spatula to clean the cream.

※ Stop using the cream if your skin does not fit.

• Please store at room temperature. Keep away from electrical equipment such as stove which could lead to a change in temperature.